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A true game-changer

The term ‘game-changing’ has been claimed by many technologies unworthy of the title. Well, we’re claiming it back.

DynamicAction truly is a first-of-its-kind application. It takes you beyond standard reporting and BI and straight to prioritized, profit-generating actions.

Built by retailers for retailers, DynamicAction brings a new level of clarity and confidence to finding the decisions that will have the most immediate and lasting impact on profit.

Connect data across the organization

Retail teams rely on reams of data, spreadsheets, reports, dashboards to try and figure out how to sell more product and sell it profitably. 

Have this discussion across all your products and it’s near impossible. We eliminate all this complexity and deliver into your hands, the answers and the actions.

No other application does this. Small wonder our clients outperform their competitors.

Pinpoint what’s impacting profit

DynamicAction uncovers untapped profit most retailers can’t easily see.

Outliers and correlations are surfaced to help focus on what’s important. For instance, you may have marketing campaigns with high views driving towards products that are out of stock; or products that have a large amount of inventory, but have zero exposure on your web or mobile sites. 

Get actions, not just data

DynamicAction generates a list of specific actions that will help improve profitability. Whether it’s reordering specific products, updating web or marketing campaigns or improving the operational flow of shipments; every team gets a simplified list of actions for where to focus.

Prioritize and profit

With the fast-paced nature of retail, every day can be a fire drill. DynamicAction was built to complement the way retailers operate. Actions are organized by department and prioritized based on what may have the biggest impact on profit. Zero in quickly to understand the priorities, agree on the actions to take and by whom, and how much it will be worth to your business.

DynamicAction is not something we had planned or budgeted for, but we quickly shifted gears when we understood that it is not just another big data or analytics player, but has the ability to make our data truly actionable and provide specific direction for increased profitability

Kevin Ertell, Vice President of eCommerce for Sur La Table